Developing a positive outlook for sweet, smooth and happy days…

Picture the days when you wake up feeling really good.  You’re happy, healthy and you have a positive outlook on the day ahead. You feel connected to your friends and family and the world at large. The pursuit of SukhaLine is to make these days a consistent theme in our lives through the practice of yoga and sport while connecting to our natural world.

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SUKHA: A Sanskrit word often translated as happiness, ease, bliss, or “good space”. Sukha is the feeling at the end of a really great yoga class when our muscles are warm and strong and there is clarity of mind and connectedness of breath. The feeling after an amazing session in the water.  It’s the feeling of strength and grace, while extending our boundaries to develop a new perspective, try new things, and serve other people.  SukhaLine invites you to join The Pursuit.

Sukhaline is based in Vancouver, B.C. with an alliance on the coast of Northern Nicaragua.

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Our Pursuit

"Be inspired, and inspire those you share your life with and those who you just met with a smile or kind words. Experience your life with joy, good health and energy. Connect your body and mind through yoga, sport, the ocean and your natural world"


Always love the Sundaze but feeling especially excitable on this one because 
1.) Our Moringa Oleifera is showing incredible regrowth from the coppice work we did a couple weeks back. It's dubbed "the miracle tree" and I'm in love with it. We cut it back for cuttings to be replanted and given to the community and now it's regenerating quickly 2.) Friends and community at @isurfiyoga are throwing down a rad contest starting yesterday dubbed #surfyogaflow, check it out and join in, I'll be hosting on June 30th with some sweet swag 3.) @stephhardiman is visiting and hanging until we all fly back on July 1st and I've already seen her catch five beauty waves! That's it for now✌🌿❤️ An impactful and relevant passage from the profound book, One Straw Revolution...
"Lao Tzu, the Taoist sage, says that a whole and decent life can be lived in a small village. Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen, spent nine years in a cave without bustling about. To be worried about making money, expanding, developing, growing cash crops and shipping them out is not the way of the farmer. To be here, caring for a small field, in full possession of the freedom and plentitude of each day, every day-this must have been the original way of agriculture."
-One Straw Revolution🌾 This is where you'll find me these days. Full planting 🌳🌿🌴🌱 mode at @cocolocoresort #permaculturedesign🍈 This guy's surfed 8 of the last 30 hours and he's pooped💩Recovery session in front of the ol' Coco Locs. #northnica We like to play. Surf/retreat photog for this week's @surfwithamigas crew. Sitting out for surf sessions can be a little tough but watching, capturing and cheering for all the shredding females makes it a pretty dreamy "job"! In exactly one month (May16-23) I will be co-hosting a week long trip in northern Nicaragua paradise, @cocolocoresort. Experience an abundance of 🌊🙏🌴🌞☕️✌️🍉🍍🎣🎶💤 Email surfyoganica@gmail.com to get straight on all the goods. Start your summer off strong! Hey Vancouver, thanks for being so awesome and rallying together for a project and community that we care about so deeply. Had a ton of fun 🙏🌊🍻'ing with you and feels like the perfect way to say✌️out to our beautiful city! Until next time...

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