Developing a positive outlook for sweet, smooth and happy days…

Picture the days when you wake up feeling really good.  You’re happy, healthy and you have a positive outlook on the day ahead. You feel connected to your friends and family and the world at large. The pursuit of SukhaLine is to make these days a consistent theme in our lives through the practice of yoga and sport while connecting to our natural world.

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SUKHA: A Sanskrit word often translated as happiness, ease, bliss, or “good space”. Sukha is the feeling at the end of a really great yoga class when our muscles are warm and strong and there is clarity of mind and connectedness of breath. The feeling after an amazing session in the water.  It’s the feeling of strength and grace, while extending our boundaries to develop a new perspective, try new things, and serve other people.  SukhaLine invites you to join The Pursuit.

Sukhaline is based in Vancouver, B.C. with an alliance on the coast of Northern Nicaragua.

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Our Pursuit

"Be inspired, and inspire those you share your life with and those who you just met with a smile or kind words. Experience your life with joy, good health and energy. Connect your body and mind through yoga, sport, the ocean and your natural world"


I'm really stoked to offer a taste of the lifestyle/group of people/place  that I love and have been connected to for the last few years. This immersion in surf, yoga, music, local adventures, community culture, healthy food and good company is brought to you by myself and @jazzybyoga. Jazz and I vibe really well. We met a few years ago while both working at Semperviva Yoga and we stayed in touch. She is a strong and confident yoga teacher, lover of the awkward side of life and she was a college baller👊We're pumped to offer this trip to friends, family and friends of friends.....psst fellas - you're invited!! Jazz and I will also be collaborating for a class locally (Vancouver) near the end of November so keep your 👀's peeled or check back here for details! #surfyoganica I accidentally deleted this bad boy from a couple weeks ago and want to reshare as the #queenofthepeak event just wrapped up! 
A huge thank you to @surf_sister Krissy & @shelterrestaurant Mike for creating this all time experience and to all the incredible sponsors supporting the good times!
I was stoked and honoured to share contest&casual waves and laughs with many inspiring, badass and empowered women. The support from the guys didn't go unnoticed as they cheered, coached, judged and applauded @queenofthepeak!! #nixon #mizulife #lululemon #yourtofino Channeling my calm&collected spirit animal for tomorrow's #queenofthepeak session with @hooniescott & two other shredding females, stoked! Distance may make the heart grow fonder, yet it is freedom that makes the commitment stronger. #enjoythejourney #lovethewild Thank you nature and rad friends for making island times a dream☁ Wishing this fine man & friends an insanely fun and Safe 6 day motorcycle adventure!! Take some snaps would ya @sean_geoffrey? #mantrip #explorebc #theopenroad #littlejealous😉#freedom ✈Island times🏄 📷:@jordanjunck Aunty time at the family cabin 😊 #oppositeofpembyfest

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