Developing a positive outlook for sweet, smooth and happy days…

Picture the days when you wake up feeling really good.  You’re happy, healthy and you have a positive outlook on the day ahead. You feel connected to your friends and family and the world at large. The pursuit of SukhaLine is to make these days a consistent theme in our lives through the practice of yoga and sport while connecting to our natural world.

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SUKHA: A Sanskrit word often translated as happiness, ease, bliss, or “good space”. Sukha is the feeling at the end of a really great yoga class when our muscles are warm and strong and there is clarity of mind and connectedness of breath. The feeling after an amazing session in the water.  It’s the feeling of strength and grace, while extending our boundaries to develop a new perspective, try new things, and serve other people.  SukhaLine invites you to join The Pursuit.

Sukhaline is based in Vancouver, B.C. with an alliance on the coast of Northern Nicaragua.

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Our Pursuit

"Be inspired, and inspire those you share your life with and those who you just met with a smile or kind words. Experience your life with joy, good health and energy. Connect your body and mind through yoga, sport, the ocean and your natural world"


🎉Happy Birthday to this absolute gem of a human!! So many things to say but to put it simply, you're a great man @bennybenacio. Cheers to living your dreams!🍻🌴Love you muchos. Xoxx Back in Vancouver, slangin 🍺's at The Alibi Room and @brassneckbrew this weekend, come say hi👋! Just coming down from a solid two week adventure in Mexico celebrating friends & family. A really fun session was captured by chance while surfing with great friends and my husband. Thanks again to @wildmexsurfing for sending a few stills and entertaining vids and thanks to @nixon_now, @mizulife and @lululemon for the ongoing surf/yoga/adventure/sustainable living support! Boat trip score with the groom & legends the day before the wedding! 📷 cred and thanks to @wildmexsurfing. #WhitandGWed #wildmex #mizulife #nixon Less than 3 hours before two absolute beauties tie the knot. Can't wait to see your dress @wkrutzfeldt and the big reveal, @thegmix hair up or down😏Love you guys!! #WhitAndGWed #nixon_now 💦Getting parched is part of the process for surfy/adventure travels. Travelling with your own big reusable water bottle is one of the easiest ways to reduce waste and say no to single serve plastic bottles that are polluting our land and oceans. Resorts that are doing good things will offer fill ups from their filtered water station. A huge thank you to @mizulife for keeping me hydrated and my footprint low on all of my travels!💦 #mizulife 🔹Making the most of a quaint village tucked 10 mins outside of Sayulita🔹
#NotASecretSpot #WhitandGwed Friends wedding week with rad humans in Mex!! #charlito #whitandgwed Wave hunting today with iSurf iYoga, coldest surf I can remember!! Thanks for the good times @isurfiyoga, captain @_adellee_, @nixon_now, @mizulife and @lululemon #southisland.

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