Developing a positive outlook for sweet, smooth and happy days…

Picture the days when you wake up feeling really good.  You’re happy, healthy and you have a positive outlook on the day ahead. You feel connected to your friends and family and the world at large. The pursuit of SukhaLine is to make these days a consistent theme in our lives through the practice of yoga and sport while connecting to our natural world.

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SUKHA: A Sanskrit word often translated as happiness, ease, bliss, or “good space”. Sukha is the feeling at the end of a really great yoga class when our muscles are warm and strong and there is clarity of mind and connectedness of breath. The feeling after an amazing session in the water.  It’s the feeling of strength and grace, while extending our boundaries to develop a new perspective, try new things, and serve other people.  SukhaLine invites you to join The Pursuit.

Sukhaline is based in Vancouver, B.C. with an alliance on the coast of Northern Nicaragua.

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Our Pursuit

"Be inspired, and inspire those you share your life with and those who you just met with a smile or kind words. Experience your life with joy, good health and energy. Connect your body and mind through yoga, sport, the ocean and your natural world"


In exactly one month (May16-23) I will be co-hosting a week long trip in northern Nicaragua paradise, @cocolocoresort. Experience an abundance of 🌊🙏🌴🌞☕️✌️🍉🍍🎣🎶💤 Email surfyoganica@gmail.com to get straight on all the goods. Start your summer off strong! Hey Vancouver, thanks for being so awesome and rallying together for a project and community that we care about so deeply. Had a ton of fun 🙏🌊🍻'ing with you and feels like the perfect way to say✌️out to our beautiful city! Until next time... Calling all bros, babes, cobras & chudes who are hanging in Vancouver this weekend...join #surfbum101 on Sunday in support of @wavesofhope1! Learn why slabs are so badass and how not to be a 🐍 in the waves while drinking #brassneck brews (in your #mizulife camp mug to keep)! All fun, all for a radical cause, get at me cydneyconnor@outlook.com if you're coming! #wavesofhope #wavesforwater #cleanwater #nixon #thesweatlife 🙏🌊🍻 Great news, another rad local biz @brassneckbrew is down to support #surfbum101 for #WavesOfHope. We couldn't be more excited to offer high qulaity product & prizing from the two best breweries in town in support of WOH. $20 ticket gets you 45min yogs, 15min beer or bouch (komboucha) break, 45min surf talk and entry to win prizing from #nixon #mizulife #postmarkbrewing #brassneckbrew and #sempervivayoga. Hope to see you there, RSVP to cydneyconnor@outlook.com 🙏🌊🍻 Wanting to connect, share and learn with the Vancouver surf community...There are a lot of new surfers entering the lineups and I hope these workshops will ease your transistion into becoming a more knowledgeable, aware and respectful surfer. @postmarkbrewing beer will be flowing post @jazzybyoga yogs and @shaperstudios_vancouver and I will be talking 🌊#surf. All proceeds are going to #WavesOfHope, an incredible charity in northern Nicaragua improving the quality of life in the community through strengthened local education, healthcare and infrastructure. There is room for 25 humans, let's fill the space and do some good!!! Please RSVP to cydneyconnor@outlook.com and spread the good word. Many thanks for support from @lululemon, @mizulife, @nixon_now, @postmarkbrewing, @sempervivayoga and @shaperstudios_vancouver.  Poster design by the talented and patient beauty @cpopovee. Hope to see you there!!🍻 #isurfiyoga #nixon #mizulife #surfbum101 #shreducation #yogasurfbeer One of my very bestest friends @james.f.larsen is currently on an epic adventure completing his 10 year travel dream.  I woke up early to get caught up on his trip and I love how much respect, awe and appreciation James has for our natural world.  While he has shared with us many envy inducing shots of beautiful beaches, mountains and sunsets - this was my fave photo of the trip so far as I spat out my tea laughing when I came across it😂What a goof and this shot definitely exemplifies the oneness with nature!! Love you buddy, wishing you many more safe and happy trails on your Brazilian leg.  I hope there are some pics of you getting out of this shell...
#professionalwanderlust #paidtobucketlist 🎉Happy Birthday to this absolute gem of a human!! So many things to say but to put it simply, you're a great man @bennybenacio. Cheers to living your dreams!🍻🌴Love you muchos. Xoxx Back in Vancouver, slangin 🍺's at The Alibi Room and @brassneckbrew this weekend, come say hi👋! Just coming down from a solid two week adventure in Mexico celebrating friends & family. A really fun session was captured by chance while surfing with great friends and my husband. Thanks again to @wildmexsurfing for sending a few stills and entertaining vids and thanks to @nixon_now, @mizulife and @lululemon for the ongoing surf/yoga/adventure/sustainable living support!

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